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processing and elm furniture aesthetic

imitation of the old boat wood and the natural sense of the vicissitudes of the old sense of all the modern city people are like the style; old boat wooden table back to nature and natural art Beauty, so many collectors and artists are regarded as palm treasure. & nbsp; & nbsp; The above is a small book on the old boat wooden coffee table good introduction, hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration

Raiders.Old elm in recent years continue to develop, continue to bring customers high quality old elm coffee table, regardless of any details in the processing, and after the finished product, are so impeccable. So, how to maintain the old elm coffee table, please see below. 1, elm furniture, pest control work elm furniture small insects particularly like the new elm furniture to buy back, it is best to brush a thin layer of pest control paint, elm furniture in the more put

some mothballs, Or in the room with some camphor wood furniture. If the worm has occurred in the disease, it is necessary to elm furniture, insect holes in the injection of insecticidal water, in the new hot wax, coated with pest control. 2, elm furniture, the overall humidity and temperature requirements elm furniture temperature and humidity requirements are very harsh, temperature requirements: 20-30 ��, humidity requirements: 40% -50%. Try to keep the

damping pvc board making lines

modular arts wall panels price a medication

outdoor sensory wall panels

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