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are closed, the gap between the gaps is small

seams tightly, the leaves to maintain a good level, the gap between the leaves to keep straight, no up and down bending, the size of different phenomena. When the leaves are closed, the gap between the gaps is small (the size of the leakage gap is the standard of the production process of the louvers). & nbsp; & nbsp; 4. Test lever adjustment lever is also a part of the doors and windows need to focus on inspection. Shutters and doors of the adjustment lever has

two roles, one is to adjust the downward light angle, the other is to adjust the upward light angle. When checking the adjustment rod, first shut the doors and windows closed to see how the effect of the blade seal, and then turn the adjustment lever to see whether the blade is also flexible and easy to push the lever, open and close freely, will not appear card, Too loose or too tight. Look at whether there is light after the light into the house. 5. The size of the

shutter doors and windows open the way to push and pull, flat open, folding three installation methods, the purchase needs to be installed according to different ways to measure the size of louvers doors and windows. In general, the kitchen, toilet and other small rooms for the opening of the blinds doors and windows, and the living room, bedroom, study and other large rooms are more suitable for the use of folding louvers doors and windows. 6. Note that the

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