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surface of the solid wood electric table surface are sprayed through the paint, when we buy not only depends on whether the surface is smooth, but also depends on this layer of paint coating is thick, usually thicker to go. Because only a thick paint coating can improve the scratch resistance and heat resistance. Corner part of the inspection depends on whether the part of the film sprayed, the shape of the corner is not right straight straight rhombus, so as to avoid the

paint. 3, veneer is flat on the solid wood electric table veneer is flat to check when directed at the light to see it is easier to see. It should be noted that if the edge of the injustice, it is likely that the material is wet, so that the edge may be a few days will fall off. Edge is the best rounded corners, in addition to the edge can not use wood to edge, so you can avoid the emergence of tidal or cracked. 4, whether the regular manufacturers of solid wood electric table need

to pay special attention to see whether it is the regular production of the motor manufacturers, because only the regular manufacturers to ensure that the motor life is longer. If a solid wood electric table will not be used for how long it can be said that the electric table and ordinary table no difference, of course, can not reflect its high-end and convenience. Of course, the most critical or the need to regularly maintain the motor, when not in use must be turned off the

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