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has a more obvious Yamagata tree pattern, an

wood. There are some differences in the living environment of these two species. 2, the average price of oak wood than the price of rubber to be higher. But the price of rubber wood furniture is not necessarily cheaper than oak furniture. 3, oak texture is very hard, feel very heavy; and rubber wood is relatively soft, feel more light. 4, oak has a more obvious Yamagata tree pattern, and touch the touch is very smooth and delicate, which are rough rubber wood

can not be imitated. Second, oak TV cabinet prices Oaks mainly produced in Europe and North America, currently a large number produced in Russia and the United States, China has the same oak with the oak, but the production is very low quality timber, so our annual imports of large quantities of oak , Which is the reason why oak prices are more expensive. At present, the excellent price of oak TV cabinet up to tens of thousands of cubic meters per cubic

meter. Oak TV cabinet prices ranging from, but the price of oak TV cabinet market is definitely not too low, if someone to buy a very cheap oak TV cabinet, to take a closer look at the rubber wood or oak ah. Oak TV cabinet raw materials are generally imported, so the oak itself is very expensive. The current increase in the value of labor on the market with the cost of production, want to buy a genuine oak TV cabinet I am afraid not very cheap. And the price

5 1 8 tongue and groove douglas fir porch flooring

pvc polystyrene wood

mildew proof wood panel walls

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