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chemical name

PS physical and chemical properties of chemical name: polystyrene Features: electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) excellent, colorless and transparent, light transmission after affordable wood plastic decking uk the plexiglass, coloring water resistance, chemical stability is good. The use of: suitable for the production of insulating transparent parts.

Decorative parts and chemical equipment. Optical instruments and other parts. Molding characteristics: amorphous material, moisture absorption, easy to produce, such as benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents. Small, not enough dry, easy to break down, but the thermal 6x6 wooden shutter expansion coefficient is large, easy to produce internal stress. Flow is better, can be screw or plunger injection molding machine.

Use high material temperature, high mold temperature, low injection pressure, Injection time is conducive to reduce the internal stress, to prevent shrinkage. Deformation. Available in various forms of gates, gates and plastic parts arc connection, so as not to damage the plastic parts at the gate. Stripping slope, Pieces of wall thickness uniform, preferably Solid Outdoor Decking Products without inserts, if the inserts should be preheated.

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