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Insurance For Children Away At School Insurance For Children Away At School September 10 nike air max 95 mens uk , 2013 | Author: Marvin Stewardsen | Posted in Finance
Near the end of August, most college and university bound students will be packing up personal belongings and getting ready for the move away from home to enjoy campus life. It’s a good idea for students to talk to their parents about insuring their valuable property while they are away at school, expensive items like laptops and tablets should be protected against damages and theft.

The empty nest feeling comes over a lot of parents at this time. While having children away can be freeing in some ways, many parents are anxious for their children’s safety. Kids take all kinds of possessions away to school as their dorm room is their new temporary home. Maybe a TV, certainly a computer and a cell phone, all their clothes, shoes, books, bedding. What happens in the case where these things are lost, or if your child is the victim of theft?

The answer is in your home insurance policy. Children who are studying full time away from home at college or university are covered by the majority of parents’ home insurance policies. The coverage provided is typically limited, but if necessary, most policies allow you to add extra coverage. The majority of standard policies will have limits for property that is extra expensive such as jewelry, computers, or other electronics. Consider buying a personal property floater or an endorsement to increase the limits on these items.

Some questions to consider when trying to determine whether or not your child is a family member under your home insurance policy are: Does your child receive any kind of financial support from you?, Do you claim your child on your tax return?, Do you provide any health insurance for your child?, When the college has breaks does your child return to your home during that time?, Are you paying for their college bills? nike air max 95 womens uk , etc.

If your child is dependent on you financially, other restrictions could apply. If your son or daughter has been working, and is self-supporting, coverage may not apply. Or if they’ve moved into an apartment, with living room, kitchen, and bedroom furniture, the amount of coverage you can extend from your policy may not be sufficient. They would likely require their own renter’s insurance at that point.

People who are related to the named insured and are residents of your household are covered by home insurance policies, and your child is still mostly protected by your policy while away at school. Homeowners should have a look at their policy to determine who is covered, what is included, the duration of that coverage, etc, because not all home insurance policies are the same, and they can actually vary drastically.

Your child has many big moments in their lives, and this move is one of the biggest. Make sure they’re properly protected.

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