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Sports Sites

Guys, where to find the schedule of football games in the USA. I’m passing through here and don’t want to miss the game. And which sites have live streams? I want to see everything while I’m in the hotel room. We need proven sites so as not to waste time


  • I found one site with a schedule, but the broadcasts are paid there, probably this will not work for you. I also like to watch football, but I'm not a fan. What team are you rooting for? I can’t decide who I like best)
  • Previously, I did not have at hand a set of sports broadcasts! And to my disappointment, I could miss the game. But now I have a site . There, sports broadcasts are available in such a wide variety that you can discover your favorite teams from anywhere in the United States! Free broadcast on any match, television tournaments and coverage of the whole season make the resource a popular portal for most fans!
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