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NEW YORK Femme Puma Suede Heart Satin Grise , Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- China has the potential to maintain an annual economic growth rate of 6 percent until the 2030s, said former senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank Justin Lin Yifu Tuesday.

Lin, also the honorary dean of National School of Development at Peking University, made the remarks while delivering a keynote speech during the "Forecast: China's Economy 2018," an event hosted by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and Peking University's China Center for Economic Research in New York.

He attributed his confidence in the Chinese economy to the fact that "China's labor productivity will improve continuously in the years to come."

The economist explained that the way to maintain economic growth is to improve labor productivity Femme Puma Basket Suede Heart Reset ARUBA Bleu , and the way to raise labor productivity is to "have technology innovation as well as industrial upgrading."

Lin said that compared to developed countries like the United States, China, as a developing economy, has the so-called "latecomer advantage" in terms of technology innovation and industrial upgrading.

He further stated that developing countries like China can "learn technology that has been matured in high-income countries," so that "the cost and risks of innovation are comparably low Femme Puma Basket Suede Heart Reset SOFT FLUO Jaune , and potentially, developing countries can grow more dynamically than high-income countries."

According to Lin, China has benefited from the "latecomer advantage" in the past 40 years and achieved an annual growth rate of 9.6 percent, which was hailed as a miracle by many all over the world.

For the years to come, he predicted that China will continue to maintain a faster growth rate compared to developed countries.

To further illustrate his prediction Femme Puma Basket Suede Heart Reset PRISM Rose , Lin cited his latest study of the world economy in the past 70 years, pointing out that "In 2008, the per capita GDP of China was 21 percent of the United States, which was similar to Japan in 1951, Singapore in 1967 Femme Fenty Puma Rihanna Bow Sneakers Kaki , China's Taiwan in 1975 and South Korea in 1977."

"Politically motivated charges should not be used against political participation," it said, urging Moscow to ensure a "level playing field" for all Russian elections.

Putin has dominated Russia's political landscape for the last 17 years and if Femme Puma Fenty Bow Slides Rouge , as expected, he wins next year's election,he would be eligible to serve another six years until 2024.

Allies laud Putin as a father-of-the-nation figure who has restored national pride and expanded Moscow's global clout with interventions in Syria and Ukraine.

Navalny says he could defeat Putin in a fair election, an assertion Putin's supporters have laughed off.

Navalny has been jailed three times this year and charged with breaking the law for organizing public meetings and rallies designed to bolster his presidential campaign.


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