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Golf clubs

Which ones is better to choose for a beginner, irons or woods?


  • For the beginner's set it's recommended by many experienced players to get both types, for example the average one should consist from several woods, irons, a putter and a driver.
    While learning how to play golf at all you'll need to spend much time with developing your skills of holding different clubs and making variouts shots with them. And different clubs are used for achieving various results during the game, for example the woods are used for making the longest shots from fairway and tee, and the irons are the most convinient for striking balls from fairway towards the green .
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  • Yes flash games are just great and I also spend much time playing them however sometimes it's hard to find the time to play but I do it when I have some free time at university while listening to lecturers or stuff like that.
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  • I don’t really like golf because of its dynamism, and if you play active in something, I would rather prefer football to golf, since in football everything is much more interesting. The truth is, I haven’t played any sports games for a long time, except in a casino on a computer or in a slot machine new games

    On the one hand, I like it, and on the other, it upsets my inactive lifestyle.
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