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Welcome and Introductions!

Hello Everyone,
I am Pelakalaka, the community manager for this lovely Mojo Forum, and I am excited to get to know as many of you as I can! On this thread, please introduce yourself in whichever way suits you best. I'll Start :D

Name: Michael Pekala (Pelakalaka)
Occupation: PR Assistant Manager, Art Team Manager, and Community Manager for Mojo Game Studios, I also work at a Pub.
Location: Maryland
Games: League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, WoW, Uncharted 3, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Titanfall, Diablo III, SCII, Guild Wars 2, etc.
Interesting Fact: If I wasn't working on Aderyn's Cradle I would be doing something with music :D, either rap or rock, my personality type is ENFJ.

feel free to add me on Steam, orgin, league,, etc.

Welcome all and Mojo Love :)


  • Greetings!!

    My name is Mr. Ak, and I am super excited for this game to be finished!
    I'm currently studying at University, about to get a degree in Meat Science.
    Location: Ohio
    Games: Left 4 Dead 2, Civilization V, Elderscrolls Online, Minecraft, The Stomping Land
    Interesting fact: I want to culture meat in laboratories to help end world hunger.
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