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What are the surface states of the stainless steel plate-2?


Processing type: high gloss surface processing;

Status characteristics: smooth, high reflection;

Main content: Grinded from a good base surface, but the surface wear marks can not be eliminated. This surface is mainly suitable for fasteners for exterior decoration of buildings requiring high gloss.

2# surface (8K surface):

Processing type: mirror processing;

Status features: no direction texture, high reflection, clear image;

Main content: The surface is polished with a progressively refined abrasive and rubbed with very fine steel balls. The surface does not leave any traces of rubbing. This product is used for mirror or template connection.

3#TR surface:

Processing type: cold work hardening treatment;

Status characteristics: vary according to the material and the amount of cold work;

Main content: sufficient cold work hardening treatment for annealing dephosphorization or bright annealing steel, greatly improving the strength level.

4#HL surface (brushed surface, hairline surface):

Processing type: cold rolling, pickling, leveling, grinding;

State characteristics: continuous striated;

Main content: Polishing with a suitable particle size of abrasive material to make the surface continuous.

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