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Brief classification of crushing equipment that commonly used

In the stone production process, according to the function and principles of the crusher in the stone production line, we often adopt the following methods, for example: crush; pieces broken; folded broken; rolling compaction. In addition, we also can use varieties of broken methods, such as crush and rolling compaction, pieces broken and folded broken. In the process of broken stone, the character and size of the crushed materials are different and the required size of the finished material is not the same, so different crush methods must be used in the barite crushing machine machinery. Crushing machinery in the production can be broadly divided into the crusher and the mill.

According to the function mechanism, the crushers are usually divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and hammer crusher. In the jaw crusher, Stones move between two jaw boards (the adjustable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate), suffering from extrusion, separation and parts of grind and then were broken; In the cone crusher, when one surface relative to another surface does eccentric rotation, the material that located between the two cone surface was crushed in the process of extrusion, folded broken and milling. Cone crusher can also realize continuous crushing. In the cylinder crusher, the material is crushed when two rollers rotate relatively. As to the impact crusher, it often contains hammer crusher and rotor crusher, in the hammer crusher, material is mainly crushed by the strike and grind function of the hinged hanging hammer, and in the rotor crusher, the material broken depends on the impact of the rotor, the material mutual hit with the lining board and itself.

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