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solid wood flooring

Aluminum alloy door and window processing steps There are many types of aluminum alloys for preparing materials, such as aluminum-silicon alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and aluminum-zinc alloy. And differentplans to build indoor box seat Indonesia materials have different performance, you can choose according to the needs when you buy. The cutting tool is required for cutting the material, and the cutting size is required according to the design drawing, so that the cutting of the door and window can be ensured, and the error of the cutting size should be deck composite branco controlled within 2 mm.

For example, the sliding door adopts the right angle cutting method; when the door is opened, the frame of the aluminum alloy door and window is drilled by the 45° cutting method, and the fan connection is fixed by plastic wood manufacturers uk the screw, so no matter which assembly method is used, precise hole position is needed.

Drilling aluminum, using small drills or pistol-type electric bricks; operating gestures to stabilize, you can avoid drilling. The assembly of assembled aluminum alloy doors and windows depends on the connectors and screws. The assembly method is divided into three types: 45°, right angle and vertical. If it is connected best deck sealer by a horizontal and vertical rod, it is necessary to use a professional connector / aluminum angle, and then use bolts to fix.

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