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The most common and dominant symptom of an ovarian cyst that has ruptured is severe pain, which can be unbearable. This pain usually results due to a twisted ovary and begins at the pelvic region and radiates to the abdomen and the back.

.Irregularities in the menstrual cycle

.Painful and prolonged menstrual period

.Experiencing pressure on the abdominal region and a feeling of bloating is also one of the symptoms of cysts on ovaries.

.Pain during intercourse

.Sudden pelvic pain, accompanied with vomiting induced nausea and fever

.Dull ache in the lower back region is also an ovarian cyst symptom

.Pain during urination and bowel movements

Complex Ovarian Cyst Treatment :

Complex ovarian cyst removal is very essential to avoid complications. The treatment for ovarian cysts totally depends on the complex ovarian cyst size. Before administering treatment, the doctor will conduct tests like a manual pelvic exam nike air max 97 silver offerta , trans vaginal ultrasound and an MRI scan to diagnose the exact condition of the cyst. Once the diagnosis is done, the doctor may prescribe oral contraceptives (or birth control pills) as a complex ovarian cyst treatment method. If the cyst increases in size, then the doctor may recommend complex ovarian cyst surgery to remove the infected part and prevent it from affecting other organs. In severe cases, where the cyst is malignant and has turned into cancer, then the patient may have to undergo hysterectomy where the affected ovaries and uterus is completely removed.

A complex ovarian cyst is a life threatening condition air max 97 silver uomo , if not diagnosed and treated on time. It can also cause complex ovarian cyst cancer. So if you experience extreme pain in the abdominal and pelvic region, visit a gynecologist immediately.

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