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The nearly 3-minute Chinese-English bilingual rap titled "No to THAAD" was made by the Sichuan-based rap group CD Rev and took a tough stance against the system.

The lyrics read, "This time kid [South Korea] you going too far. The things you doing now are gonna rip you apart."

The video footage has gone viral on the Internet amid a standoff between Beijing and Seoul on the deployment of THAAD.

"We are not taking a ride on the hot issue for fame , but simply intend to spread the voice of the young generation in the world," Chuckie, 24, the alpha of the rap pack , told the Global Times on Thursday, in response to the question why the song was first put on foreign platforms like Youtube and Twitter rather than Chinese music applications.

The song also pours scorn on the "Mu Yalans" who smear China's dignity by livestreaming their stupid acts under the name of patriotism, saying that "you steal things in Lotte mall and you break down Korean phones and cars. You don't even love the people of China, so how can we call this patriotism?"

When asked if they have received "offensive comments" from the foreign audiences , especially from the South Korean ones, Chuckie said, "Absolutely, there is hatred ," citing one of the comments as examples, "I wish the UK invades China again and sell opium cheaper than rice."

The Communist Youth League of China has reposted the song on its official Sina Weibo account on Thursday and got more than 3,500 likes as of press time.

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