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What is a billboard?

What is a billboard?
An advertising billboard, some of which is billed, is a place for ads and advertisements, one of the most commonly used advertising methods.

Billboard design:
The design of street billboards with other billboards, such as a plastic neon signage, a highlight board, a composite panel and other billboards used as a headboard in the shop, are completely different. In the design of the billboard, it should be a few short and large, Readable with funny and humorous images or humorous. The message posted on the billboard has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of passersby's mind. On my trip I saw large billboards on the highway. Of all the billboards that were installed at a certain distance from each other along the road, there was only one advertisement that was repeated many times and the word inserted on it There was a special track and weight for me and the people sitting next to me inside the car so that I would repeat that word even after leaving the highway, and this product and brand as a name Familiar in my mind. Due to the speed of cars passing through the billboard billboard, images should be large and recognizable, and the adverts used are short, one or at least eight words, but beautiful and cumbersome to be effective.

Billboard Components:
The design and manufacture of the billboard includes the following components:

1) Foundation: Includes concrete and rebar, which is also used in building materials. Using these materials, foundation designing is first welded and reinforced with concrete pouring.

2) Base: The solid and strong base is made of iron or concrete, which part of this base is placed inside the foundation and underground soil to withstand the weight of the billboard.

3) Billboard display: The page is the metal on which the advertisement is intended to be embedded.

4) Brightness: A billboard light supplier, LED bulb bulbs that are light and affordable.

5) Ladders and changing ladders: The technician will assist in the installation and replacement of panels from these ladders.

6) Clips and Browsers: This tool is used to keep the banner embedded on the billboard intact and prevents the appearance of a banner that contains an advertising message.

7) Panel Design: The surface of the billboard is smooth and smooth, which is used to install the ad.

8) Ad: This is what is advertised: the main purpose of the installation of the board, the advertisements are replaced after the duration of the lease, and the new ad replaces it; in the past, the advertisements were printed on a panel of fabric But today, the cloth is outdated and instead of banner, flexi or sticker it is used.

9) The section of the booklet and the volume:

This section is outside of the billboard billboard billboard area, which in fact occupies an area outside of the boardroom, which is usually in the form of creative visuals.

Golden Tips for making and installing billboards:
To design a street billboard, it's advisable to display the product advertised on the billboard in a humorous and appealing manner.

You can display product information as visible and legible in a few short seconds.

Use plain and simple fonts to insert words and consider the size of the font to be readable in a few yards.

Images are very effective if you use images to use images that are interesting and attract attention.

Colors on a billboard are always the most important point. To use the right colors, you need to have a little research on the color psychology of advertising. It is very important to combine certain colors together and their contrasts and consistency.

Try making creative billboards and innovating new ones that others have never used so that everyone gets fascinated when walking around your billboard.

As I said at the beginning, the repetition of ad on the highway led to the rule of that advertiser for a few seconds in my mind, so if you repeat your ad several times over a long time, you can further influence the mind of the tourists.

Billboard Advertising Goal
Like other types of billboards, the only purpose of billboard design is to attract attention and attract more customers and keep the old customers.

Disadvantages of installing billboards:
Due to the materials and materials needed to install this billboard, it costs a lot.

The billboards are installed on a lease and within a limited time.

The message you display on the billboard should be a well-designed and well-promoted message. Otherwise, it may display a negative ad and lead your customers to competitors.

To install the billboard billboard, you need to obtain permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, the municipality, the environmental organization, etc. Each of them has paperwork and dull laws and time.

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