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Small vacuum annealing furnace structure

1. Furnace material is made of high-quality alumina polycrystalline fiber by vacuum adsorption. It saves energy by 50% and the temperature field of three-side heating is uniform. The heating element is made of high quality resistance wire. Furnace frame adopts double shell structure, and fan is installed between the double shell, so that the temperature can be raised and lowered rapidly, and the surface temperature of the shell is low.
2. The furnace is equipped with a 304 stainless steel tank with a vacuum interface in the front, a vacuum system and a charging and discharging device. The pressure gauge is installed on the furnace pot, and the charging and discharging action is completed with the charging and discharging valve, and the automatic cooling is completed by the cooperation program in the cooling process.
3. Furnace can be a rack or charging platform, can be batching rack (can be made according to customer requirements), the rack can be layered according to customer requirements, fully ensure that the material heating uniform, to achieve heat treatment effect
4. A thermocouple in the furnace can be matched with the digital display temperature meter to show the temperature of the workpiece in the furnace in real time. A temperature control thermocouple is installed on the furnace body, and the temperature of the furnace body is controlled in real time with the program instrument. Safety explosion-proof valve interface is provided.
5. The vacuum system consists of a direct pump and a vacuum valve pneumatic valve. The vacuum measurement is realized by a vacuum gauge, which can display the vacuum degree in the tank in real time.
7. The temperature control system adopts SCR temperature control, and the temperature control instrument adopts Yudian 30-section temperature control program instrument, which has PID automatic control function. And equipped with an Omron PLC to complete all the action of the realization and control, electrical components using Schneider, Siemens brand, the overall equipment has heating fast, good insulation, precision control, energy saving, safe and reliable use of advantages.

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