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The map takes us to some stately

The map takes us to some stately villa belonging to a mafiosos that are apparently trying to destroy documents after having caught wind of Rainbow Six Siege Credits Operation Para Bellum. The screenshots we can see show extensive grounds, a handsome brick basement and a few tapestry-adorned hallways.

We're also getting some new gameplay features to go along with the new content, chief among them the"Select and Ban" platform that allows players to prohibit certain operators from matches and try to strategize against possible opponent picks.

It's much less game-changing as the PvE mode introduced Chimera, but again this is not a game that's prospered on refinement to buy R6 Credits its core gameplay over anything else. We are going to see more soon, but for now I'm looking forward to shooting some wine bottles down in the basement.

You don't need to wait till launch to play Operation Para Bellum -- it will be going live on the test server on May 22, though as always folks playing on a test server need to include with potentially unbalanced battle or technical problems with unreleased features.
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