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I am in Paris. Can you see that the event live

At 18:00, following the very first semi-final match, there'll be an Esports Panel allowing audiences to get to know more about competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene, such as details on upcoming events like the Season 8 Pro R6 Credits League Finals and the Six Invitational 2019 (that will lead into another Six Important.)

Following a series of all-star, informal matches at 14:00 is your premiere of this Rainbow Six Siege documentary"Another Mindset" in 15:00, which follows individual players through their openings into the match right up for their location at the League.

Above all for hardcore and casual fans of Siege alike will be your complete show at 16:00 of the next operation from the sport, Britain-themed Operation Grim Sky. Defense operator Clash and assault operator Maverick proved already shown during the group stages of the Six Major, as have little facts about map alterations (including a substantial overhaul to Hereford.) However, we're expecting to get a lot more information concerning the incoming operators, map changes, balance patches, in addition to ideally a few openings, during the complete Grim Sky breakdown.

I am in Paris. Can you see that the event live?

The quarter-, semi- and - grand finals best choice will be held at Hall 4 of the Paris Expo -- Porte de Versailles and 2 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris. There'll be a lot of things for onsite visitors, like places to satisfy professional playersrace drones and visit a fan art gallery.
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