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Characters aren't resistant to death or harm

2 game-changing attributes Maplestory M introduces are Auto Quest and Auto Battle.Auto Quest is accessible after you start playing. It allows players to send their characters off to obtain quests by participating with non-player characters or fulfill the pursuit's requirements, which might include things like killing a certain number of golems or obtaining a specific mob drop. Automobile Quest is great because it lets Maplestory 2 Mesos you be lazy.

Why fiddle with the area map in order to figure out where a certain NPC is, or waste your precious time searching for a specific mob when you can just automatically go where you need to go? Automobile Quest decreases the total amount of time you will need to dedicate to meet Maplestory's often boring quests, many of those which need going back and forth between NPCs to relay messages, which means you can have more fun hanging out with your guild or researching.

Auto Fight unlocks when your character reaches level 20. Every day, you receive a complimentary"2-Hour Charge" for Automobile Battle, a quality that makes it possible for a player's personality to automatically attack and kill anything mobs are on the map it's on. When Auto Fight is turned on, your character will automatically navigate around the map, attacking mobs, receiving experience points, and buy Maplestory Mesos absorbing resources so as to maintain your health and magical points.

Characters aren't resistant to death or harm throughout Auto Battle, so if they run out of potions or are too feeble for the mobs they're confronting, they will die. Once Auto Fight runs out, you are going to need to resort to actively grinding or handing over money to exchange for crystals, the game's in-game money, in order to lengthen your Auto Battle. It is perfect for players who wish to level up their character without needing to put an active time investment into grinding.
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