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Impeller structure of centrifugal pump

The structure of impeller is different according to the specific speed of centrifugal pump. The structure of impeller of centrifugal pump can adopt the form of radial flow impeller, mixed flow impeller or axial flow impeller.

Vacuum Pump

The runoff impeller and the mixed flow impeller can adopt the structure of open flow passage (without cover plate) or closed flow passage (with cover plate).

rotary vane vacuum pump

The axial impeller can be cast into a whole as a propeller impeller and hub. In order to better modify the pump characteristic curve, the blade can be designed as a semi-adjustable structure fixed in the hub, or in order to facilitate the adjustment of installation angle during operation, the blade can be designed as a fully adjustable structure.

It is not necessary to arrange propeller blades in a vertical direction with the rotating shaft of the pump. Especially when the propeller impeller with the advantage of easy adjustment of the mounting angle is used for high lift, the radial velocity component is needed to flow.

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In addition, in the transport of special media, special structure of the impeller can also be used. For example, single blade impeller, double channel impeller, three channel impeller, non-blocking impeller can see sewage pump and swirl impeller.

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