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Five excellent properties of vacuum furnace

The vacuum furnace protects the workpiece from oxidation and decarbonization, protects the easily oxidized heating elements, reduces the gas content in the workpiece, and adds more easily oxidized elements in the smelted metal. Vacuum furnace has five advantages:
1. Eliminating the oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece surface during heating, the clean surface without deterioration layer can be obtained. This has a great impact on the cutting performance of tools that grind only one side of the groove surface (such as twist drill grinding so that the decarbonized layer on the groove surface is directly exposed to the edge).
2, no pollution to the environment, no need for three wastes disposal.
3. The accuracy of furnace temperature measurement and monitoring has been improved obviously. The indication value of thermocouple and furnace temperature have reached (+1.5 c), but the temperature difference between different parts of a large number of workpieces in the furnace is large. If the forced circulation of rarefied gas is used, the temperature difference can still be controlled within (+5 c).
4, high degree of mechanical and electrical integration. On the basis of improving the precision of temperature measurement and control, workpiece movement, air pressure regulation, power regulation can be programmed and set in advance, and quenching and tempering can be carried out step by step.
5, energy consumption is significantly lower than salt bath furnace. Modern advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber uses high-quality insulation material made of insulation wall and barrier, can be highly concentrated in the heating chamber, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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