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5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Published: 18.07.2008 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising Cheap Francisco Rodriguez Jersey , Business, Marketing
Small business owners can have a hard time finding the right ways to market their product or service. There are plenty of right ways to do things, and plenty of wrong ways. Here is a brief overview of some of the mistakes to avoid when marketing your small business:

Mistake #1: Not researching your product need
Many people have a wonderful idea of a product that is needed in the market Cheap Will Middlebrooks Jersey , and then spend all their money to create it. You need to research the market first to make sure there isn already a similar product out there, and whether there is even a need for your product.

Conduct market research, hold focus groups and only make a small run of your product ?a few hundred or so 鈥?to test your target market with. This can save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Mistake #2: Thinking that the product will market itself
Many small business owners think their product is so great that they don need to do any marketing at all ?people will flock to you. That just not true Cheap Tommy Hunter Jersey , and I ca?

You must consistently market your product Cheap Pat Neshek Jersey , which means you need to create a marketing plan. You must define your target market, your unique selling point that distinguishes you from your competition; you must develop a marketing action plan and decide on a marketing budget. These are just the bare-bones basics of a marketing plan. You need some kind of plan to be successful.
Mistake #3: Preparing and then not taking action
Many business owners have a fear of failing. Actually Cheap Carlos Santana Jersey , who doesn not Cheap Drew Hutchison Jersey , but you have to sell one product in order to sell a million. If you fail, evaluate what went wrong, try to fix it and try again. Repeat as needed!

Mistake #4: Constantly changing your marketing campaign
It happens a lot 鈥?the business owner and employees see their marketing materials every day and get tired of them. The same old poster printing images Cheap Aaron Altherr Jersey , the same old brochure copy mean everyone has. If your marketing campaign is working just fine Cheap Tommy Joseph Jersey , don change your marketing campaign until it stops bringing in customers.

If a competitor is known as a ow price leader Cheap Rhys Hoskins Jersey , giving to your shared target.

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