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Rainbow Six Siege Content Update Available


So that is not good, but players were complaining that Ubisoft's stated guarantee, these boxes could not give you duplicate items when bought, wasn't true, though that issue has been repaired, according to Ubi. However, overall, Wildlands gamers are not amused.

The Rainbow Six Siege Items issue is a bit more complex. Loot boxes (technically"loot bags") have been added into the game, which players might not appreciate by itself, but it has been tied into a weird price increase for the game, which rewards bonus loot boxes into new purchases while...hiking up the overall price.

Veteran Rainbow Six Siege gamers are frustrated about this for a couple reasons. The first is that new players are actually getting more complimentary loot boxes than they're with their season passes and their support of the sport since launch. However, more pressingly, others are concerned this price increase will reduce the amount of new players entering the game, making the entire ecosystem stale and unhealthy.

Both these scenarios are bumming players out since I believe they were excited to be playing big AAA games that had really managed to avoid the loot box trend up to now, but now the plague has reached their shores, and as anticipated, things are going wrong because of it. I once praised Assassin's Creed Origins for its microtransactions, calling its desire to sell different items for a flat cost that the"antidote to loot boxes," and now I wonder if it's merely a matter of time until they arrive at that match as well.

I am also wondering if Ubisoft may be accelerating their embrace of loot boxes, and we might see a game such as Far Cry 5 really launch with them, if it does not get them a few months post-launch instead.From daily updates on Ubisoft's blog concerning the always growing game to the the first ever Six Important in Paris. Esports aside, the tournament are also host to the full show of Operation Grim Sky.

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