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Tempered Glass Precautions

Tempered glass is broadly utilized in many different fields. In extraordinary locations, ultra substantial and ultra thickness tempered glass are essential. Similar to 300 x 300 mm Tempered Glass,3000 x 13000 mm Tempered Glass. There are some attentions you would like to spend:


Solution application container or wooden box packaging. Each piece of glass is packaged in the plastic bag or paper, and the Laminated Glass online and package are filled with light and soft materials that do not very easily induce visual defects such as scratches for the glass. Precise prerequisites must meet the appropriate national standards.

Packaging emblem

The packaging marks shall comply using the provisions of the relevant national standards. Just about every packing box shall be marked with the phrases "upwards, lightly positioned, very carefully broken, glass thickness, grade, factory title, or trademark".


Different varieties of transport cars used in goods, dealing with principles, and so forth. shall comply using the relevant national regulations.

When transporting, the wooden box shall not lie flat or obliquely. The length direction shall be the same as the path of motion in the transport vehicle. There shall be measures such as rain protection.


The merchandise has to be stored vertically in a dry room.

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