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“It doesn't matter,” said Fred, shaking his head impatiently. “It wasn't anything important. Not now, anyway.”

“We've given up,” said George, shrugging.

But Harry, Ron, and Hermione kept on asking, and finally, Fred said, “All right, all right, if you really want to buy warframe platinum ps4 know…it was Ludo Bagman.”

“Bagman?” said Harry sharply. “Are you saying he was involved in -”

“Nah,” said George gloomily. “Nothing like that. Stupid git. He wouldn't have the brains.”

“Well, what, then?” said Ron.Fred hesitated, then said, “You remember that bet we had with him at the Quidditch World Cup? About how Ireland would win, but Krum would get the Snitch?”

“Yeah,” said Harry and Ron slowly.

“Well, the git paid us in leprechaun gold he'd caught from the Irish mascots.”


“So,” said Fred impatiently, “it vanished, didn't it? By next morning, it had gone!”

“But - it must've been an accident, mustn't it?” said Hermione.

George laughed very bitterly.

“Yeah, that's what we thought, at first. We thought if we just wrote to buy warframe platinum him, and to buy
[url=]warframe platinum xbox[/url] him he'd made a mistake, he'd cough up. But nothing doing. Ignored our letter. We kept trying to buy warframe platinum talk to buy warframe platinum him about it at Hogwarts, but he was always making some excuse to buy warframe platinum get away from us.”
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