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the options, in addition to hair dryer

of course, they have an impact on the price of hair dryer, but provide significant qualities for those who use their very frequently. they are mainly those who dream of a clean hair and will focus on a "professional" model, then, is very close. for example, there is a technology with ion devices is in the form of a small negative ion water drops), or a coating tourmaline. they effectively eliminate static electricity generated by positive ions and boost the brightness of the lace wigs lengths. in addition, the drying is faster. in short, they are all good. there are also dry cheveuxdotés ceramics. by this, the heat is distributed evenly, which makes it possible to optimize the drying process. the last option, infrared technology, which reduces the overheating of the device for taking care of the real hair wigs hair soft and shiny and leave after drying. i mean, look at the little things not as accessories, such as the length and the manageability of the cable of the device, the ergonomics of the handle, the movable grid and easy to clean.
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