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Floor maintenance tips:

Also known as impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, consists of a wear layer, a decorative layer, a high density substrate layer, and a balanced (moisture resistant) layer. Advantages: Large range of price options, wide application range, multi-color varieties, good stain resistance, good acid and alkaline resistance, easy maintenance, good anti-skid performance, wear-resisting, antibacterial, no insect infestation and mildew, and not affected by temperature and humidity Deformation; good fire performance; light weight, reduce the carrying capacity of the building; easy to lay.

Disadvantages: The foot feel is not good solid wood flooring; poor repairability; there is a certain problem of formaldehyde release. Selection method: Household floor wear-resisting revolutions should usually use more than 6,000 rpm. Floors laid in public places should usually use more than 9000 rpms; products with national environmental protection certification must be selected. Maintenance method: After laying, keep indoor air circulation; avoid scratching the surface; avoid water soaking. Appropriate laying sites: ordinary houses, public places.

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