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He could hear laughter in the crowd and knew he must look stupid, walking into buy warframe platinum ps4 the lake without showing any sign of magical power. The part of him that was still dry was covered in goose pimples; half immersed in the icy water, a cruel breeze lifting his hair, Harry started to buy warframe platinum ps4 shiver violently. He avoided looking at the stands; the laughter was becoming louder, and there were catcalls and jeering from the Slytherins.…

Then, quite suddenly, Harry felt as though an invisible pillow had been pressed over his mouth and nose. He tried to buy warframe platinum draw breath, but it made his head spin; his lungs were empty, and he suddenly felt a piercing pain on either side of his neck -

Harry clapped his hands around his throat and felt two large slits just below his ears, flapping in the cold air.…He had gills. Without pausing to buy warframe platinum think, he did the only thing that made sense - he flung himself forward into buy warframe platinum the water.
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