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How to make roof waterproofing

Before treating the exterior roof, it is necessary to use cement mortar to level the ground before waterproofing, and then to make the roof waterproof, so that there will be no leakage after thinning. After the material looking like wood price floor is cleaned, use a polyurethane waterproof paint brush 2-3 times, so that the waterproof effect is better, and leakage is not easy. The base treatment agent for the base treatment agent is diluted with a neoprene asphalt adhesive and added to gasoline. It must be evenly stirred, and then uniformly applied to the surface of the substrate with a large roller brush. After four hours, the coating can be started. The number and how to extend rim joist thickness of the coiled material coils should meet the design requirements.

If you need more than one, the seams must be staggered. The modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is cut into a suitable size, and the coil is placed while being laid, and the base layer and the coil are heated by a flame spray gun. The coil should be parallel to the ridge, and then spread from the mouth to the top. The two-way flow slope should be lapped along the flow direction. The overlap width of the long side and the end is 80mm, and the end joint is staggered by 50mm. . The flat-laid red balau deck maintenance coil should be connected to the façade so that the coil is close to the yin and yang angles, and the coil cannot be pulled too tightly.


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