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the building materials

What is the porous brick? The hole rate is about 15~30%. It is suitable for use in the load-bearing wall of brick-concrete structure. The shape of the hole is both round and non-circular. The size is small dog park fence costs korea but the quantity is large. It is made of clay, shale, fly ash and other raw materials. The shape of the product is generally rectangular. What is a hollow brick? For this kind of product, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. There are many styles, so it is in line with the user's needs. For example, cement hollow brick, clay hollow brick, shale hollow brick, etc., the hole rate is above 15%, saving a lot. The land uses soil and brick fuel, as well as the transportation weight and the labor of brick and bricklaying, which makes the construction progress faster, reducing the building's own weight where to buy 6% x8% arched wood fence while reducing the cost and many other advantages.

The difference between the two, the difference between the former and the former due to the needs of the building, so the size of the hole is relatively small, but the number is large, while the latter is the opposite, its hole size is large, the number is small, so it can be visually recognized at a glance. Scope of use The latter is used frequently in the construction how to build trex steps with concrete industry, mainly because of its light weight and low consumables, so it has become the first recommended product in the construction sector

but it is usually used in non-load-bearing parts, while the former It has the characteristics of clay bricks and small blocks, and can be directly used in various building wall structures such as load-bearing and heat-insulating load-bearing, and has a good development prospect. The difference between brick and mortar specifications is mainly composed of clay, shale, fly ash and other materials. It is usually used for bearing wall parts, and is divided into P type and M type. The hollow brick is made of clay and fly ash. The structure eco wall fencing panels used for the enclosure.


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