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the ideas of super easy to make

the easiest way is to make the band around your head and leave your laps is detached. you can also have fun to wrap it around the patch to form a soft hair please do not hesitate to make your banner on a fastener to provide a touch of romantic.

want to make a good hair for 5 minutes before you leave in the morning? discover ideas to look for short hair, medium length and long.
i have short hair
the map of the game with just a natural or a headband scarf around your head. what the roots form. if you like the looks more elegant, can make a hair gel on hazel and comb your hair brush gently on your laps back to obtain a lustrous effect. option: make a false hair by wrapping a piece of themselves before the set with bobby pins.

i have medium length hair

use a dry shampoo to boost your size or slightly crêpez roots from the back of the head. do a little back to the front of the face, and then come to the back of the head by means of a pin.

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