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The stress of the laying of cages.

1. Wear resistance: The cell layout of cork determines that it is more wear-resistant than solid wood flooring. Cork is made up of a myriad of airbags. The exterior forms numerous small suction cups. When the foot touches the ground, the cork floor absorbs the footsteps slightly on the ground, reducing the relative displacement between the footsteps and the floor, reducing the conflict, and then prolonging it. The wear time and the service life of the floor.

2. Silence: Cork flooring is recognized as a silent floor. This is because each cell of the cork is a small pressure absorber, giving flexibility; each cell is a small shock absorber, safe and silent; other The cork floor device does not need to be struck with the keel, and it touches the ground directly. There is no gap between the center of the keel, so the muting effect is particularly noticeable;

3. Flame Retardant: Cork has outstanding flame retardancy and will naturally subside after it is removed from the fire source. Insect resistance: Cork is not afraid of insects, as we all know, solid wood products are most afraid of insects, especially in the humid climate in the south, especially. However, insects are not interested in the taste of cork, so even in the cold and humid wine cellar, wine bottles are stored upside down and there are no cork stoppers. The appearance of the wine comes out.

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