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Wooden floor installation

Place a layer of EPE moisture-proof cushion on the cage already installed. First trial shop as a whole, on the one hand, a further inspection of the product to prevent missed inspection, mixed loading, wrong hair. The situation should be reported to Bingli Floor Dealer in a timely manner and handled. On the other hand, look at the effect of poor color. In general, the color difference of the floor to adjust and match, the pattern is relatively consistent color paving in the aisle, slightly different on the bed, furniture and corners, or color separation shop in each room, in order to achieve overall aesthetic coordination. If a reasonable choice and match, can make wood flooring more natural wood style and return to the natural enjoyment.

There must be a reasonable fit between the wooden floor and the fixed furniture to adjust the expansion of the wooden floor due to the climate. If the wall of the customer's home is not straight or the floor line used is too thin, the gap between the wooden floor and the wall may not be completely suppressed by the ground line.

There must be a firm connection between the wooden floor and the wooden cage. After the pilot eye is drilled with a pistol, the wooden floor special screw can be used to fasten it between the convex grooves. It does not need to be squeezed, and it cannot be glued with water-soluble glue. Wood floor installation must not be audible.

Wooden floors in a room range, allowing a certain gap, but the gap can not exceed the standard. Appropriate increase in the end of the wood floor patchwork; edge wood flooring, such as too narrow can not be fixed and reliable, can be glued with a little glue to prevent future fall off.

Check whether the heating or geothermal heat in the home is matched with the wooden floors purchased. The mistakes in the installation process and the quality of the wooden floor are also good. However, for a long period of time, the consumer's emphasis on the product far exceeds the emphasis placed on the installed technology and accessories. Therefore, before installing the floor, consumers should do some necessary homework. Binley floor believes that before buying wooden floors, you should have a certain amount of installation knowledge in advance, and also consider the overall strength of the company, whether it has a professional installation team.

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