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Crumble her hair, what techniques?

Repeat this crepe on the other two sides. Detach the lower part and tie all of your hair into a ponytail by placing the base of the ponytail halfway up behind the head. Secure your tie with a hook-and-loop elastic that provides firm support for the night. Finally, wrap one of your locks around the elastic so that it is invisible. lace wigs uk human hair Crumble her hair, what techniques? To wrinkle his hair is to give them a matter and an anarchic and vaporous effect. Right between the ripples and the ultra-smooth, this effect is becoming one of the must-haves in women's hair. This new trend, inspired by the neo-grunge trend, allows you to display ruffled hair. So, the crumpled effect, how to achieve it? Follow the advice of pros. The crumpled effect is perfect when made with styling mousse. "The dose of foam to apply depends on the length of your hair but never take more than one nut.
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