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to boost the volume of your hairstyles

Side parting. You asked the question all winter: how to wear your ray? If there is not one answer, be aware that the side line is once again advocated. And beyond the style, it is taking this spring-summer 2013 to boost the volume of your hairstyles.

The short boyish. The masculine-feminine style never ceases to please you. You have definitively put aside your priori with regard to short cuts. Yes, short hair glueless human hair lace wigs uk can be very feminine. No, you will not have a hard time styling yourself!

The low bun. The buns are easy to wear and adapt to your style. Plated hair and a low bun dancer, you're ready for an evening at the opera. A fuzzy bun for a rock concert. Or a braided bun to participate in a hippie movement! In any case, remember that this season, the bun is low.
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