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The wavy on short hair

The square is in the spotlight, just like the wavy, star effect for your hair. There's nothing like combining the two to bring out the nuances of your tie & dye. On short hair, the tie & dye is much more visible: while on wavy hair, the effect is more "boilerplate" and natural. The mixture of both ensures a perfect hairstyle! To achieve a wavy effect, go to a hair salon or make it yourself with a curling iron. Take rather wide wicks, buckle them and apply a fixing product. A braid aside to bring out its pink tips: Streetstyle His hairstyle? Long and flexible hair. To add a touch of originality, our streetstyle of the day has opted there is little for pink tips. His basic color cheap full lace wigs, a dark blond, allows him all the crazy follies. The slit side of the tips brings a feminine and fun touch to her hairstyle.
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