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film ceiling

The soft film ceiling is made of a soft film material, which can determine the overall shape of the ceiling according to the shape of the keel. Therefore, its shape is free, and it can make a floor panels outdoor england variety of beautiful, good looking shapes. The soft film ceiling has the characteristics of energy saving function. The soft film ceiling is made of polychlorohexene material, which has the function of insulation and plays a role in reducing the loss of the indoor temperature. It is particularly suitable for use in the need to open air or heating. place.

Like a soft film ceiling, it also has the powerful function of preventing bacteria and wood plastic composite project profiles effectively inhibiting various pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Anti-mildew treatment can be used to prevent mildew and give consumers a certain amount of protection. When the ordinary ceiling leaks, it will be caught off guard because there is no way to stop the leakage, so the interior decoration and furniture will be damaged and even affect the neighbors downstairs.

However, the soft film ceilings mdf wall panel meaning have been treated differently and made of polychloroethylene. They can support more than 200 kilograms of sewage, without leakage and damage, and avoid unnecessary troubles. The soft film ceiling is especially convenient to install. There is no solvent volatilization and dust deposition during installation. It will not affect the other structures in the room. This makes it particularly easy to install and rest assured. Soft film ceilings and buckles are treated with a special anti-aging treatment. The keel is made of aluminum alloy. Its service life is more than composite deck material adirondack chairs ten years and it belongs to a relatively long period.

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