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Wood floor crack manifestation

We need to choose a good weather before we start to maintain the wooden floor. Because of the different weather and temperature on the home floor will often have different effects. And then need to clean the floor again and again to keep the floor surface clean, pay attention to the floor must be fully dry, so floor polishing waxing can be perfect, if the floor is not dry, the wax can not be completely attached to the floor above. Wax first fully shaken, and then first in the local trial, if there is no exception can be assured of a wide range of use.

Can not be directly on the floor wax fell on the wooden floor, be sure to first fell on a clean cloth, and then wipe the floor until the entire floor to ensure uniform floor wax attached. After polishing the floor, we will start polishing again.

Use scrub paper to grind the floorboard bit by bit, so that the final wooden floor is very smooth and bright. Normally for the floor to do a maintenance is to look at the floor of the square to charge, each specialized waxing companies are generally similar fees, you can find those who have been relatively good reputation waxing companies on-site service.

With the use of wood floors for a long time, there will be some different degrees of wear and tear. In this case, often do the floor polishing waxing is to extend the service life of wood flooring at home, thus eliminating the need for a lot of floor-changing costs, very affordable.

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