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Wood floor pest control key

Waterproof: solid wood flooring easily deformed with water. Summer rain too much, to be careful rain into the window into the house. Residents living on the ground floor, but also pay attention to the damp ground. In normal use, if you accidentally sprinkle water on the floor, be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe clean and keep the surface dry.

Sunscreen: the temperature is too high to accelerate the aging of the floor. Note that the best summer curtains pulled up to prevent direct sunlight in the wood floor, wood floor cracking caused by excessive temperature, accelerated wood flooring aging. Antifouling: clever use of small tools to deal with different dirt. For dirt falling on the floor, if it is water-soluble, you can directly take a wet wipe clean, dry in the ventilation. If it is not easy to remove paint and other dirt, according to the nature of dirt choose a special cleaning agent.

Note: Due to the natural wood properties, it is necessary to exchange moisture with the outside world, with the environmental temperature and humidity changes, solid wood flooring will occur expansion or contraction phenomenon, if the expansion or contraction of the range is too large, there will be deformation of the floor, Arch and other issues.

Control of indoor humidity is to prevent the deformation of solid wood flooring, arch the most scientific and effective way. Now the thermometer can display the temperature but also shows the humidity, indoor humidity control in 50% to 70% is the most suitable range of the human body, which is also the most suitable humidity environment for solid wood flooring, as long as the indoor humidity control within this range, Will be able to ensure the original characteristics of solid wood flooring is relatively stable.

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