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In this article Women's Marcus Maye Jersey , I guarantee you'll discover something new or interesting - a resource, a tip, an idea... something to help you learn more about the topic.

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During the early 1900's, golf had become so popular that avid golfers came up with a variation of the game on a smaller scale to duplicate major golf courses. This came to be known as miniature golf. It is also referred by its other names such as midget golf, mini golf Women's Jamal Adams Jersey , mini putt, putt putt, and crazy golf. However, an even smaller version of the standard game was born, the Pitch and Putt.

In principle, it was modeled after the sport of Golf. But instead of several types of wood clubs and iron clubs Darryl Roberts Jersey , a ?putter? is used to hit the golf ball into the hole in the ground. To add challenge to the game, the course makes use of many types of obstructions, mainly, man-made and specially designed for the mini course itself.

Like the original sport, it has the same objective of hitting the ball with the fewest strikes possible and sends it to the pre-made hole in the ground. The difference is, the holes have shorter distances and consist only of surfaces Eric Tomlinson Jersey , so one can only putt the ball. Though it is considerably smaller than real golf, miniature golf is made more exciting with special putting greens, specially designed obstacles, hazards, driving ranges, bunkers and ramps.

Since then Brandon Shell Jersey , many mini courses have been officially recognized, such as the Beton and Eternit.

At first, the miniature golf course used make-do materials for use as obstacles. Materials such as old pipes, rusty steels, old gutters, plastics and other odds and ends. These materials were later remodeled to suit the needs of modern and sophisticated courses. To this date Wesley Johnson Jersey , many of these are still being used along with simulated tunnels, bridges and alleys.

From there, miniature golf courses were no longer a series of obstacles, ramps and curves with occasional pipes for the ball to roll into. These courses were landscaped and designed with windmills and castles, ramps, and more elaborate obstacles which required a certain level of mastery and control of the game. Precision Jermaine Kearse Jersey , accuracy and timing was now a prerequisite of this new game.

Writing this article was definately a fascinating labour of love. We hope this article will provide you with useful, valuable, and practical information.

Be sure to check out the many resources available to you online on the topic of mini golf and of course real golf Josh Martin Jersey , and who knows, maybe we'll see you at the green!
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