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PYONGYANG Robert Woods Rams Jersey , Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) issued on Sunday a strong-worded statement condemning the latest UN resolution to impose more sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs, calling it ""an act of war.""

It reiterated the DPRK's nuclear weapons are intended for self-defensive deterrence in order ""to put an end to the hostile policy and nuclear threats and blackmail of the U.S.""

The new punitive measures included in the UN resolution will significantly cut short refined petroleum exports to Pyongyang Sammy Watkins Rams Jersey , put a lid on its crude oil imports, ask UN member states to repatriate DPRK nationals earning incomes abroad, and crack down on ships illegally transferring oil to or smuggling banned items from the country.

Wu Haitao, charge d'affaires of China's permanent mission to the United Nations Cooper Kupp Rams Jersey , said Friday's resolution reflects the unanimous position of the international community in opposing the DPRK's development of nuclear weapon and ballistic missile capabilities and in maintaining the international non-proliferation regime.

" "

Donald Trump celebrated a ""historic"" victory Wednesday as the US Congress passed a massive Republican tax cut plan, handing the president his first major legislative achievement since taking office nearly a year ago.

The House of Representatives voted along party lines to greenlight a $1.5 trillion overhaul that will impact every corner of the US economy through dramatic tax cuts for corporations and temporary reductions for individuals.

Opposition Democrats branded the tax plan a giveaway to the wealthiest that risks blowing a hole in the national debt, but the revamp reflects a core Trump campaign pledge to redirect money from government coffers into the pockets of working Americans.

""We broke every record,"" a jubilant Trump told scores of elated Republicans gathered at the White House for a victory celebration Eric Dickerson Rams Jersey , thanking them for driving through ""the largest tax cut in the history of our country.""

""We are making America great again,"" he declared, in a melee of smiles and handshakes with lawmakers - who took turns to sing the president's praises.

""Something this big, something this generational Aaron Donald Rams Jersey , something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership,"" gushed House Speaker Paul Ryan as fellow lawmakers applauded.

The most sweeping rewrite of the US tax code in decades, the bill represents Trump's most important legislative victory in the 11 months since his inauguration, until now marked by the stinging failure to repeal his predecessor's healthcare law.

Billing it as a ""Christmas gift"" and a ""history victory"" for the American people Jared Goff Rams Jersey , Trump and his Republicans hope their success in passing tax cuts plays to the party's advantage in next year's midterm elections.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act also takes a major step toward crippling Obamacare by scrapping the individual mandate that requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine.

""With this bill... we have essentially repealed Obamacare and we will come up with something that's much better,"" Trump declared.

Trump earlier gathered his cabinet members for a meeting where he discussed the tax accomplishment, and that gave way to an extraordinary scene as the president invited those present to join in prayer.

Housing Secretary Ben Carson, a fervent member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Todd Gurley II Rams Jersey , proceeded to say grace, thanking God for giving America Trump and his tax cut plan.



BEIJING — The most successful of China's entrepreneurs have created some of the world's biggest companies and amassed stunning fortunes. Often they are little known outside of China, but that is changing as they expand abroad and sell shares on Wall Street. Some of their counterparts in China's massive government-owned companies are making a mark as they try to instil innovation and efficiency in lumbering state giants. A look at key figures in Chinese business.


E-commerce leader: Jack Ma, co-founder and chairman of Alibaba Group.

Jack Ma

One of China's best-known entrepreneurs Rush Robert Woods Jersey , this former English teacher from the eastern city of Hangzhou is credited with laying the foundation for e-commerce in China by founding Alibaba in 1999 to link Chinese suppliers with retailers abroad. The company expanded into consumer e-commerce with its Taobao and Tmall platforms. In response to China's lack of infrastructure such as credit cards to support e-commerce, Alibaba created online payments service Alipay. The company has become the world's biggest online bazaar, with total sales exceeding those of Amazon Inc. and eBay combined. Last year, Alibaba also set another record Rush Sammy Watkins Jersey , raising $25 billion on Wall Street in the biggest U.S. initial public stock offering to date. Ma's net worth soared to $25 billion, making him China's richest businessman. Ma is known for colorful behavior that includes dressing in a leather jacket and platinum wig to sing rock songs at the company's annual Alifest employee gathering, a raucous event in a soccer stadium before an audience of thous. NHL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys Online MLB Baseball Jerseys From China Authentic Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Replica Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys From China

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