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How to strengthen the floor during high temperature conservation?

1, the occurrence of laminate flooring soaked in water, to the surface of the water in the shortest possible time to dry the floor. At the same time take the vacuum cleaner in the water Mizuki floor splicing gaps suck the water vapor, or take the hair dryer to dry with cold air, but do not use hot air to prevent the surface due to heat and drying caused by dry crack deformation.

2, has been soaked in water from the warp deformation of the laminate flooring, the best replacement, does not suggest planing the arched part, and then re-paint the way, because the arching part of the planing, re-paint and lead to other boards Uncoordinated color, and uneven thickness of the entire board, the force is different, prone to potholes.

3, if it is a large area of ​​water, should promptly notify the laminate flooring service department, and try to keep the laminate flooring is not deformed under the circumstances of the wood floor pry up, press the "well" shaped superimposed placed in the ventilation Dry, stacked with its weight to prevent the occurrence of deformation, attention can not be placed in the sun, under normal circumstances for better quality laminate flooring can be re-used.

4, if it is a small area of ​​water, it is recommended not to pry the wood floor to dry, so easy to cause hard damage to the floor, it is likely to cause serious consequences can not be restored. It is best to quickly remove the wood baseboard skirting, showing expansion joints, the expansion joints will be distributed to the water vapor, depending on the amount of seepage, drying up usually takes about three to ten days.

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