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Laying wooden floor with stress

Do not think that the wooden floor to buy home, after the completion of pavement everything will be fine, the maintenance of wood flooring is an important part of the life of the floor. However, in daily life, people often neglect the maintenance of the floor and inadvertently destroy the floor, resulting in a greatly shortened service life of the floor. Cleaning, waxing, temperature and humidity control, etc., are to ensure that the floor can be one of the long-term use.

Control the temperature and humidity to create suitable indoor environment: Some people think that as long as the indoor air circulation to increase, you can reduce the indoor temperature on the floor. In fact, wood is the basic raw material of the floor. The change of the temperature and humidity may cause the wood to expand or contract, which may cause the wood to be deformed or other phenomena during use. Therefore, the real reason for cracks in the wood floor is humidity, not just temperature.

Experts suggest: the general ideal indoor humidity should be controlled between 40% to 80%, the temperature is maintained at 18 �� to 24 ��. Such a suitable temperature and humidity environment is also very beneficial to the human body. Dry season in the north, the use of humidifiers or regular window ventilation, planting green plants and other means can increase indoor relative humidity. The southern region should pay attention to ensure the appropriate indoor humidity. In addition, some heating areas should also be taken for indoor humidification measures to prevent excessive loss of wood moisture.

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