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out of the small diameter of the timber

band saw, the main band saw and other cutting into plates. 2, sheet drying: Mainly through the fumigation of wood in the water and oil (mainly refers to pine in the pine wood) out of the small diameter of the timber prone to cracking, deformation, so after drying dehydration, the natural reduction in thickness And cracking and other reasons. 3, board processing: plate after drying, through the double-sided planing or planing,

planing pressure. Placing both sides, then cutting the planed board into strips using a multi-piece saw. 4, the choice of materials, cut material: the cut strips of wood screening, selected no shortage of material, no blue change, no oil line, no cracking, no knot scarring of the length of 200-700 mm cut off . 5, finger jointing: Will make a good wood after sparse teeth, with adhesive into a strip. 6, planing four sides: After four planes will pick a good plane planed neat side of the bar. 7, puzzle: The specifications of the square by pressing machine into the required plate. 8, planing, sanding: The pressure will be a good plate, planing, sanding into

the required thickness. 9, repair, finishing, packaging.LED kitchen panel light is a high-end interior lighting. There are two ways to install, one can be embedded in the ceiling, walls and mounting surface; the second is hanging under the ceiling or mounting body. Kitchen and toilet panel lights are mainly used in ceilings, walls, installation body. & nbsp; Introduction LED kitchen panel light is a high-end Yikui indoor lighting, the outer

what product can replace plywood sheets on deck floor

outdoor click flooring

diy curved bench price in new zealand

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