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seed oil and other essential oils

vitamin e: sunflower seed oil and other essential oils, walnuts, cereals, speisekleie, soya beans, lobster
vitamin e: soybeans, speisekleie, peanuts, liver, egg, milk
zinc: oysters, liver, soybeans, emmenthaler, oatmeal
copper: cocoa powder, cashewkerne, soya beans, shrimp, hafervollkornflocken
iron: liver, wheat bran, seeds, sesame seeds, pulses
proteins: meat, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fish
essential fatty acids: high quality vegetable oils such as linseed or walnut oil, linseed oil, herring oil, nuts glueless cap human hair wig
nutrient deficiency is, among many other erscheinungsbildern as hair loss. if no other cause could be found, an inventory of the diet and a determination of the nährstoffspiegel sense. a nutrient deficiency can be achieved through a balanced diet and nutritional supplements often treat them well.
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