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The Tankiest Builds In All Classes Of POE

While poe currency trade fills in for all our offensive needs, Zerphi's Final Breath requires care of our defense by extremely high life recovery. The synergy amongst these two items directs us towards stacking really higher life, pretty high mana. It's incredibly logical to employ MOM for further successful HP; to stack up "#% harm taken gained as mana" for added mana recovery. The much more mana we regenerate, the additional life we acquire. And Indigo makes certain that we are capable of spending each of the mana restored with no interrupting casting BV, irrespective of if it is +1000 mana/sec, or +5000 mana/sec. With this a great deal life and mana gain/sec, we can quickly afford an RF degen buff for its enormous damage boost.

The strength of BV + Indigon is, the damage output scales exponentially with stacks. Just commit 10% additional time casting several a lot more piles could buff 100% far more harm. Indigo's increase mana mod combined with stacking "damage taken gain as mana" has the potential to expand this interaction further. poe trade currency also gives incredibly smooth leeching more than time, irrespective of should you be moving, stunned, frozen or casting other spells.

EK and BV are both physical spells, for that reason could be buffed the exact same way. EK nova has been the elite map clearing spell for pretty an although (till the release of Light Poacher). We use EK nova to speed up our mapping and immediately swap to BV for boss/abyss/breach fights.

The synergy between Zerphi's and Indigo generates a ridiculous amount of life and mana out of thin air, meanwhile, offer a enhance for your spell damage. In a nutshell, this build is capable of dealing enormous damage while stay becoming one particular from the Tankiest builds in all classes of POE.

All looks effectively, possibly replace the Dying Sun with a Diamond Flask with "shock immunity" on it. You don't require "WED" mod on your belt; you'll be able to replace it with movement speed. Or a further belt with "reduce flask usage" can help you get 3 saps out of your Zerphi's.

This Build not too long ago updated the guide to consist of EK nova. Considering that you have the shaped dagger you'll be able to just place EK in there, and BV in offhand Pledge of Hands. This Build Can use an extra jewel for the Nova impact of EK (Ring of Blades), and in the event you the maps are too simple for you-you can replace RF with HoI, the rallying cry jewels with Poachers Aim, and use Light of Lunaris or any rare imba shield rather than a defensive Shield.
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