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Composite Deck Vs PVC Decking

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Composite Decking Material
Manufacturers use both wood fibers and plastic to make composite decking. You can choose from different thickness and it comes in a wide variety of grain patterns and colors, so it��s easy to find something that suits your individual taste perfectly. If you choose the premium grade composite, the color is consistent all the way through instead of just on the surface, which makes it difficult to see scratches or nicks.

A composite deck won��t fade or stain and they��re also mold and mildew resistant. However, since this material is made from a combination of wood and plastic it��s not completely recyclable. Decks made from composite won��t rot but to ensure it looks as beautiful years from now as it does when you first have it built always choose the high quality composite, and don��t forget to use the right deck products
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