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Floor after the request

After the floor pavement, if the furniture, bookcases, aquariums and other heavier items on both sides of the room placed symmetrically, after a period of time also prone to chipping. This is because the floor is pressed at both ends, hinder the floor moisture absorption expansion, easy to produce regional drum kits, and then collapse phenomenon. Remedial measures is to place furniture and other heavy objects on the side of the room as far as possible to ensure that the floor side of freedom of movement.

In addition to prone to collapse of multi-layer parquet, lacquer lacquer compound flooring (MDF substrate) is also prone to this phenomenon. After the two types of floors are finished, the paint spills to the floor of the floor in the process of roller coating or shower coating. The actual width of the paint film is greater than the width of the floor surface, which may cause potential hazard to the floor, More, the greater the chance of floor chipping.

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