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Where to Buy Dermacol Concealer?

Dermacol Concealer is the best foundation ever! I believe that some ladies must have received fake version of this foundation if they don’t feel that this is full a coverage.
My skin is combination , oily on T zone and normal on check. This foundation works really well on my skin. It’s not matte but it’s not super glowy either. It makes my skin looking healthy and fresh while providing amazing coverage without drying out my skin like other full coverage foundations such as Estée Lauder sw or Marc jacobs remarcable. It lasts relatively well during the day , not as long as ELDW but i don’t mind to touch up if I need to as it doesn’t cake up. It photographs beautifully, doesn’t clog my pores or cause break outs. The biggest pLus is a price. It’s very affordable. The main downside to me is a colour range. The shades are more on pink/neutral side. There are not many yellow/olive shades. However this is not an issue for me. A bit of cream bronzer will fix it. Overall great foundation. Highly recommend Dermacol Concealer from

First of all: This stuff is THICK, baby, which is why I think any full coverage-loving beauty fanatic should and will love this. Thing is, it is SO thick and delicious that you have to learn to use it right in order to get the best effect. If you use the amount you'd normally use with foundation, you may find yourself looking like a dummy in a wax museum, ha, so experiment. This is formulated to cover tattoos, so figure that.

I find that, for best results, you hardly need ANY. I'm talking just tap a little of the excess from around the tube opening, and it will most likely do your whole face fine. Use a beauty blender, your fingers or your fave brush to gently tap on and blend. BUILD, baby, don't cake. This stuff is beautifully, wonderfully, deliciously thick and will probably last at least half your lifetime because of it.

That might not be an exaggeration.

Dermacol Concealer

I plan to experiment with color to get a perfect match for my own pale-ass skin. I might mix in a little pinker-based foundation to get an even closer color match. That's the great thing about this stuff: You can use it on its own, or you can mix in other foundations (or even highlighters!) to play around with color, consistency, glow and such. By the way, this has a nice natural glow effect as well.

What I'm saying is that not only is this foundation aces on its own, it is also so good you can use it to create your own custom foundation blend if you're feeling creative and have a few extra minutes to play in front of the makeup mirror.

What I can't get over is the fact that this HG Dermacol Foundation is only $9.8. This is a huge temptation price. Note to manufacturer: Please don't get a big head from this review and others like it and then hike up the price to designer levels. You've got a GREAT thing going on with cost effectiveness vs. value for your money, and I wouldn't even THINK about messing with that. You gals and guys are heroes for offering this kind of quality for that kind of price, and your customer base will thank you for it.

So Dermacol Concealer is the best foundation ever for you suitable for any occasion. Benefit: Pores, Whitening, Acne/Spot Removing, Concealer, Sensitive, Oil-control, Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory, Brighten, Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle, Sun Block, Nutritious, Waterproof / Water-Resistant, Freckle Removing, Natural. Why not have try Dermacol Foundation now ?

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